Alford's Landscaping
Combining the art and science of landscape construction and design.
Hello folks, my name's Brent Alford. I started mowing lawns when I was eleven and transitioned into landscape architecture and construction during high school. I had tax ID numbers before I had a driver’s license. During college at TCU I had planned on a career in the Army, these plans were somewhat derailed by the fall of communism. So I just kept doing what I knew best. Alford's Landscaping has the experience, the creativity and the style to create forward thinking or historic, vintage designs and implement/build them from the drawing board to your home or site. I take pride in the fact that we don't deserve clients, we earn them, one commission at a time.
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Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jun 2013

Brent Alford did a beautiful job with the landscaping surround out home. He was very helpful through the design with lots of good ideas, and materials we didn't think of using. After the job was co...Read More

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